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1. Vietnam Plywood is low quality

Vietnam plywood quality has improved and surpassed Chinese plywood in recent years due to strong focus and development from both public and private sectors. Plywood are now comparable to Russian Birch Plywood and Malaysia hardwood plywood.

2. Vietnam Plywood does not have many varieties

Vietnam now provides a wide range of plywood products to the world including:

  • Film Faced Plywood – Formwork plywood
  • MDO Plywood
  • HPL Plywood
  • Birch faced furniture plywood
  • Commercial plywood – Ordinary plywood
  • Packing plywood
  • and many others

3. Vietnam Plywood lacks international quality control standards

Vietnam’s mills are equipped with internationally recognized production control and quality standards.

4. Vietnam wood species are less favored

Vietnam’s wood species are among the most superior compared to wood species of other plywood making countries. Abundance of hardwood Acacia, Eucalyptus, and Rubberwood provide Vietnamese plywood strong strength characteristics, with density similar to Russian Birch Plywood.

Current plywood consumption trend is to replace previously-used poplar softwood plywood with Vietnamese equivalent hardwood plywood.

5. Vietnam does not have abundance of wood resources

Vietnam’s commitment in planting forest is incredible. Vietnam is not only able to supply adequately for its domestic production, but also supply to other plywood production countries such as China, Malaysia, and India.

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