Industrial grade plywood suitable for townhouses and plots

Industrial grade plywood suitable for adjacent houses

Recently, the question that KitchenID receives the most is “What type of laminate is suitable for townhouses and plots? What kind of laminate is both durable and cost-effective?” The answer is plywood

In this article, we will ignore special design styles such as Indochine, Bohemian, Neo Classical,… Because those are distinct styles and use a lot of typical wood. In this article KitchenID will only talk about industrial wood and modern styles to apply them in practice for those with a mid-range investment level.

1. Type of industrial wood suitable for semi-detached houses and plots
1.1 Plywood
Plywood is always the first choice when you want to use for townhouses, plots. Why do we choose plywood to recommend to you? What is plywood? What does plywood look like? What are the pros and cons of plywood? What is the price of plywood? Let’s have a quick look at plywood!

Characteristics of plywood

You understand simply that plywood is created from many thin layers of boards (it is slices of planted forest meat such as acacia, rubber, eucalyptus…) of the same size stacked on top of each other. These layers are glued together with glue, then pressed with a hydraulic press to create plywood boards.

What is the surface coating of plywood?

Plywood wood is a material that was rarely used in the interior, if any, it is only used as a lining, as a formwork when building a house… because the material technology has not been developed before. Now new plywood is being used in furniture such as tables, cabinets, shelves, beds…

With the current technology, plywood can be coated with Melamine, Laminate, car paint, American Oak Veneer, Walnut veneer…, even Acrylic

Advantages and disadvantages of plywood

Advantages of plywood

Good bearing capacity, less deformation, warping, can be used in high temperature and humidity environments.

Very good adhesion and fastening. Each wooden plank is pressed together, so it is still natural wood.

Plywood is much harder than other industrial woods, even harder than some natural woods due to the multi-layer structure along with glue and hydraulic press technology, so it is very strong.

Price: Equal to MDF An Cuong

Special: Very good water resistance (KitchenID has been soaked in water for 7 days without any swelling or anything)

Disadvantages of plywood

If the drying plate is not treated up to the standards, the board is easy to warp, the surface is rough, uneven, and it is easy to delamination when in an environment with high humidity.

Still have termites (actually any type of wood will be eaten by termites even concrete cannot escape, only plastic can resist)

Because it is still natural wood, when cutting the Melamine-coated board, it will be slightly scratched (Because it is not laminated like MDF, it will not be as smooth and smooth as MDF when cutting).

The biggest disadvantage of plywood is that there are quite a few codes to choose from. Currently, plywood suppliers have about 15 codes, so customers will have limited choices.

2. Price of plywood

As we said a bit in the advantage part, the price of melamine coated plywood will be quite similar to An Cuong Melamine MDF even lower, so the finished product price of furniture such as beds, cabinets, kitchen cabinets , bookshelf… will be on par with the An Cuong Melamine-coated MDF segment.

On the current market, there are 2 prices for Melamine coated plywood

Type 1: Core (also known as core) is more beautiful, tighter, better Melamine coated surface. The price will be slightly higher than MDF covered with Melamine An Cuong a bit.

Type 2: The core is a bit worse, a little more complex and a slightly worse surface means a lower price, but does not have much effect because it is still natural wood.

To apply to adjacent houses, plots … then compared to MDF, you should prefer plywood because MDF is only moisture resistant, easy to bloom when encountering water.

You should also rely on your financial situation to make a calculation plan with the design and construction parties!

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