About us

PCV Thuan Phat was established in 1994. PCV Thuan Phat specializes in producing Commercial Plywood, Furniture Plywood, and wholesaling office furnitures. PCV Thuan Phat has been serving foreign markets for many years and helped develop international markets for Vietnam plywood since 2010.

Pcv Thuan Phat provides plywood products and services to meet the requirements of customers according to international standards and always perfect the professional skills of the company's staff.

As we expand continuously, recruit new talents and accompany with our partners to face new challenges, these values guide our people in their daily decisions and actions

Currently, PCV Thuan Phat exports 100% total volume to the Mexico., the U.A.E, South Korea, Japan,Malaysia and Thailand.

In 2015, PCV Thuan Phat was ranked in the Top 500 Fastest Growing Company by Vietnam Report.


● MAIN PRODUCTS: Furniture Grade plywood, Commercial Plywood, Film faced plywood, Fancy Plywood, LVL,Door Skin, wooden Veneer, OSB, MDF and so on

● CAPACITY: Factory was established in 1994, located in Hung Yen, Viet Nam


1) Professional manufacture technology and strong global resource meet your variety demand.

2) Perfect and independent inspection system

3) Owner equips very fluent spoken English will further promote strategic ...


PCV Thuan Phat aims to become the leading company in Vietnam in manufacturing Plywood materials, supplying furniture products, comprehensively participating in supply chain of the wood industry in the world, so that the quality of Vietnamese products can have equivalent quality with other countries.


Pioneering in the market direction, we create new directions and markets for Plywood materials in Vietnam. PCV Thuan Phat develops stable supply and increases competitiveness of Vietnamese wood in general and Plywood coated with Melamine in particular in the international market. Thereby, we strongly promote Vietnam's economic development, at the same time, stabilizing the lives of workers.


Credibility: PCV Thuan Phat always upholds the trust of customers and partners, which is also the top criterion in our company's long-term development journey.

The best quality: Each product brought to customers contains 100% of the dedication and effort of PCV Thuan Phat Group 's leaders and personnel.

Innovation and improvement: We create pure value for our customers with a spirit of dare to accept challenges and unceasing creativity, and always strive to promote global business capabilities with a winning spirit and attitude. PCV Thuan Phat pursues the creative culture in our entrepreneur to promote and spread sustainable values.

Transparency: We manage our business clearly, honestly and ethically through clear, methodical and professional business rules. Along with the development of the company is our corporate responsibility to the community and society.